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ALL SOULS' CE Primary and Nursery

'a place to grow'

Dear Parents,

It gives us great pleasure to introduce ourselves to you as Headteacher and Co-Headteacher of All Souls’ Church of England Primary School and welcome you to our school website on behalf of our pupils, staff and governors. As Headteachers, our core priorities are to ensure all members of the All Souls’ community feel safe and happy in school and are able to learn.  All Souls' is such a special family school. It is a place where your child can grow into a self-confident, caring member of our community.

Our Christian vision is ‘Be the Good Soil’ (Matthew 13:1-9 18-23) as we believe every member of the school community has the potential to grow spiritually and academically to be their very best self. All Souls' is special because it seeks to work closely with parents and the community to achieve this.

At All Souls' we believe that your child deserves a quality education and we aim to provide excellence in terms of the learning opportunities within and beyond school. Our staff are highly trained and totally committed to working with your child to achieve the highest possible standards.

Here at All Souls’ we are passionate about providing the appropriate support and challenge to ensure all learners are able to thrive academically and emotionally. We recognise, in order for our children to be happy and successful, their social, emotional and mental well-being is vitally important and this threads into our values, ethos and culture and is embedded throughout our curriculum.

In order to achieve the very best, our children must be confident that school and home are working together to celebrate achievements, to support them through times of difficulty and to encourage good behaviour. We must nurture them with care so that they grow into responsible, well educated, caring pupils.

We are proud to be part of All Souls' as we are proud of the many achievements of pupils, staff and all in our community. We are a special place because the people within our school are special. I am sure you will want to join us to give your child the opportunity to be secure knowing that they are in a 'place to grow,' and gain the highest quality education.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. G.A. Rennie & Mrs. L. Pearson


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